Humans are generally good

Humans are capable of great evil, and have committed terrible atrocities. However, I believe that most people are good most of the time.

Although the world is by many measures safer and more prosperous than it has ever been, the news often focuses on "the bad". This is because learning about "the bad" elicits a strong negative reaction from us, which drives engagement, aka more clicks and views for the news.

In fact, I consider the fact that we often focus on "the bad" as proof of the general goodness of humanity. The fact that we feel concern and anger in the face of unfairness, injustice, and cruelty shows that we value fairness, justice, and kindness.

It is easy to ignore "the good" because, in some sense, it does not deserve attention. What deserves, and gets, our attention is that which is not good, so that we may fix it.

But an important thing to remember in the face of all of the bad that one hears about in the news is that there is much good in the world as well. It just does not get as much attention.