Breakfast burritos

Recently, I’ve been trying to get into cooking more. I don’t yet have a large repertoire of recipes, but I picked up the gist of this one from my partner’s sister’s partner.

My friend Yixin He gave the excellent suggestion of cooking the bacon first, so that you can then absorb the fat with the potato and eggs.


Frying pan

I use a 10 inch cast iron pan from Lodge. You can get fancier ones, but the one I have seems pretty good. If you use a cast iron pan, remember to scrub, dry, and season it with some cooking oil after each use.


The “fish turner” style of spatula, which is made of very thin, slatted metal, is quite nice. I find this makes it easier to get the spatula under stuff to flip it over.

Also, if you’re going to use a metal spatula, you need a durable frying pan, like a cast iron one.


A box grater will have various grater settings. You’ll probably want to grate the ingredients on a pretty large setting.

Bowl and plate

For mixing and serving.

Cheese cloth or paper towel

For squeezing out juices.



  1. Grate the potato.
  2. Squeeze the grated potato with a cheese cloth or paper towel, to get out as much of the juices as possible. Set aside.
  3. Grate the cheese, then set aside.
  4. Cook the bacon in the pan, then set aside to cool.
  5. Cook the potatoes in the pan with the bacon fat until brown, adding more cooking oil as the pan gets dry.
  6. Put the potato onto the tortilla.
  7. Mix the eggs in a bowl.
  8. Scramble the eggs in the pan.
  9. Put the eggs and cheese into the tortilla.
  10. Cut up the bacon and put it into the tortilla.
  11. Fold the tortilla up into a burrito and put it into the pan.
  12. Brown both sides of the burrito.
  13. Put the sauce on it as you eat.